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We are a national team in a phase of hope, let us work together for peace and development in Ethiopia, For a brighter future for humankind... All of us are important in this epic endeavor and the future generations need every hand they can get to receive a more equal, peaceful, and beautiful world. Bahirdar is where peace 1st Ethiopia idea was born following these beautiful city, Where In 2002, UNESCO ranked it as first convenient city for dwellers in Africa and 10th in the world and it was awarded the UNESCO cities for peace prize for addressing the challenges of rapid urbanization. Hence Peace 1st Ethiopia is – registered in the capital city of Addis Ababa to work through out Ethiopia as a Non Governmental organization, Not for the profit and non religious civic society organization with a registration number of 5295 under civic society proclamation Number 1113/2019.

Peace 1st Ethiopia - is a Non Profit, Non-Religious, Non Political and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) run by  a national team who strongly believe that Peace is Possible and we want to convince people in Ethiopia that there are alternatives to war, conflict and violence.  

Legal Status and Organization

Legal Status: 

Peace 1st Ethiopia – is a National Registered no: 5295 Non Profit organization by low of Civil society organization under proclamation number 1113/2019 and a Proud Member of ICP (International Cities of Peace), PD Ethiopia in the Netherlands besides link to other human right organization to Promote Peace and Development period. 


Peace 1stEthiopia  was established in Bahirdar – a UNISCO award city for peace prize designed to promote peace and  development through out the country and  registered  at a national level in December 2020.  

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