partners forever


We want our partners to be vary widely, such as committed individual volunteers, larger organizations active in the volunteer space and businesses that want to make a difference. We would also like to work with educational establishments and community groups and organizations. While we hope that our partners benefit from their connections with Peace 1st Ethiopia, it’s very clear that we learn and benefit hugely through our connections with them and this, in turn, helps us achieve more. Our network of partners and connections are invaluable to our framework and continued growth of our work.

EXAMPLE of ways we work with our partner and connected organisation include:
  • Peace Education
  • Food for people
  • Humanitarian Aid

In Times of hardship peace 1st Ethiopia intend to work with our partner and connected organization to raise funds in support of vulnerable communities on Ethiopia.

For Example:
Due the current war in Ethiopia; Conflict, insecurity, and extreme weather continue to generate population displacement, with an estimated 4.2 million people displaced across Ethiopia as of July 2021,and round 9 Millions deserve food aid.


We work with our partners to share, promote and advocate peace, food and water security, and humanitrianism across multiple platforms and Channels.

For Example, Working with partners like International cities of peace enables us to share our message beyond our Audiences.

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