Actually peace and development are complementary to each other. They are like two sides of a coin... Promoting peace and sustainable development reduces poverty and prevents conflict, translating to a healthier business environment that allows for a more effective delivery of products and services.

Below are selected community led Development projects run by peace 1st Ethiopia .

Development one - 100 Wells

The construction of a simple well improves the health of residents, increases agricultural production and leads to a better quality of life for families, especially for girls and women. Women and children often bear the primary responsibility for water collection in the majority of households. 

Children in communities without access to local wells are forced to walk for hours to collect drinking water—water that often proves contaminated and seriously sickens those who consume it. Many others are unable to attend school regularly because they must spend time searching for distant wells.

Development two - environment, people & peace

Climate change and environmental degradation are already impacting peace and security in diverse ways. At the same time, the change needed to transition to lower-carbon, greener economies is fraught with risks, but also offers many opportunities to contribute to more peaceful, sustainable societies.

We plan, planting million trees aiming to promote peace and harmony.

Development THREE - SPORT & PEACE

Sport is a compelling tool to promote peace, tolerance, and understanding, bringing people together across boundaries, cultures, and religions. Its values such as teamwork, fairness, discipline, and respect are understood all over the world and can be utilized in the advancement of solidarity and social cohesion. 

Development FOUR - cultural exchange

Building relationships across cultures is vital to creating a more peaceful and just world. When people from diverse cultures and backgrounds know and understand one another— and gain the skills they need to contribute as citizens and leaders —they form the global partnerships that undergird global security, economic stability, and tolerance.

Peace 1st Ethiopia believes Arts, music, Sports, events and all kind of healthy cultural exchange programs that promote peace and development in Ethiopia are encouraged and organized through us and with cooperation of other peace stakeholders.

Development FIVE - innovation

Can we ‘innovate’ our way towards a more peaceful country, peaceful world?

At peace first Ethiopia, we are designing innovation to more clearly deliver positive impacts in conflict environments; and globalizing the Peace – Innovation playing field.

Development sIX - research

Peace 1st Ethiopia open its door to peace and development researchers, poverty reduction towards war, droughts, famine and migration.

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