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Ethiopia is home to a multitude of ethnic groups, living within and moving across internal and external boundaries. Local conflict is fuelled by issues such as competition over natural resources, land disputes, livelihoods insecurity, and erosion of traditional systems for conflict and resource management. 

We strongly agree in the opinion in a country like ours that Sustainable development is the best way of ensuring Peace.  

Below are lists of projects as a Catalyst for peace. 

In Ethiopia, Amhara, Oromiyya, Binshangul and Afar regions Conflict and insecurity in the regions has stifled much-needed development, leaving many poor families unable to access basic services such as food insecurity, water, Health and Education.

The construction of a simple well improves the health of residents, increases agricultural production and leads to a better quality of life for families, especially for girls and women.

We are informed from North part of Ethiopia, disaster prevention agency that currently 1.8 Million people are displaced as a result of Conflict, Violence persecution and human rights violations and most of them are Children.

Peace 1st Ethiopia aiming to assist rural communities and smallholder farmers in conflict and post conflict areas in Ethiopia to achieve food security and sustainable economic development there by contributing to stability by empowering communities to become self sufficient through sustainable agriculture.

As a powerful tool that bringing people together in Ethiopian different regions, the Nile basin countries and other peace model countries for a play for peace mission. 

Peace 1st Ethiopia believes Arts, music, Trade events and all kind of healthy cultural exchange programs that promote peace and development in Ethiopia are encouraged and organized through us and with cooperation of other peace stakeholder partners.

Peace 1st Ethiopia intend to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation. Bahirdar city at a time with Kigali, Port Louis, Entebbe, The Hague and or to any world model  City of Peace.  

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